Swan 46 Nutters

4 February 2013

PAMINA is presently undergoing a full hull paint job in Brittany prior to being moored in La Trinité sur Mer where she is a part of a fleet of three 46’s (possibly the largest concentration of 46’s worldwide).
PAMINA Feb 2013

You make my day when I woke up today and the first thing I did was to read your email.
The following phrase will go down in history:
“From one Nutter to another—doesn’t the Swan 46 simply make you melt!!!”
It is sooooooooooo right, she makes me melt, big time, that is the best description for this amazing looking superbly built boat!! What an orgasm of boat!
I have worked my ass off during the last 6 days but fully satisfied, there are still lots of things that have to come up to my “Nutter standards” but we are getting there.
Savannah Girl Nov 2012

Good Day to Swan owner (Savannah Girl)—finally!!!!
From one Nutter to another—does’nt the Swan 46 simply make you melt!!! The boat already has your Nutter personality, which is as rare as a hens tooth. Now there at least two of us!
Fellow Nutter,
Bandit Nov 2012

Gus is a friend (little nutter) but he has just purchased a Swan 46. I am recommending that he contact you. Swan 46 owners are unique and Gus and i may be at the top of the “extreme Swan 46 owners”, but it’s really unique in this upside down world.
Bandit Nov 2012

Another fanatic, just what the swan46 class needs.
We are all nutters, I have had my boat from new in 1994, and my whole family are nutters,
children and grandchildren, I couldn’t sell her if I wanted to and I certainly do not want to sell her.
We can race with 13 crew, I can do double handed events with my son,
I can cruise single handed, and my family can have wonderful holidays and weekends on the boat.
I won’t tell you what happens to me when I polish the hull, she is just gorgeous.
From one nutter to two others, come join the rest of us at www.swan46.org, it’s free for nutters.
Foreign Affair Nov 2012

Connoisseur’s choice
Sir, I read your review of the new Swan 60 (December issue) and my heart leapt. I particularly liked your conclusion: “A wet leeward rail in a Force 5 with two reefs and four genny wraps”; “the lines and deck have serious ‘phwoar’ factor”; “enough to make a racing man’s eyes water”; “she dazzles with her lines then disappoints with her impracticalities”. And then you pose the question: “Who is this for?”
The answer is me and all the passionate Swan owners like me who have been waiting for Swan to go back to their roots and build a boat that appeals the way Swans appealed when we first became owners. I am a very happy Swan 46 (1994) owner and have not seen a Swan that appealed to me since, except perhaps the 45.
I have always likened my Swan to a Porsche 911 or a Ducati motorcycle: dazzling with their lines, not the fastest machine on the road and pretty impractical. But what sex appeal and what a joy to own!
– Paul Basson, Monaco –
Article published in the magazine ‘Yachting World’