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IRC rating for Swan 46 MKII: Please be aware that the series date for a Swan 46 MKII should be 83, not 90. This has an effect on your rating.
Up until now the default has been to apply the 1990, and you should check that you have a series date of 1983.

Background: MK I series started 1983, MK II 1990, but the hulls are the same, just a higher mast and optional deeper keel on the MK II. The rating office has agreed that the series date should be 1983 for all the Swan 46’s MK I and MKII.

Milanto won the Swan Transatlantic Challenge Trophy in 2014:

Congratulations to Swan46 Milanto who won the Swan Transatlantic Challenge trophy again in 2014. The Swan Transatlantic Challenge trophy will be presented at the ClubSwan Reception in April 2015 at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

Milanto won the Swan Transatlantic Challenge Trophy in December 2013:

Milanto (with Valerio) won the Swan Transatlantic Challenge Trophy in December 2013 following the ARC Rally from the Canaries to St Lucia ! As well as coming third in the Division Racing B so there is life in her yet!

We have been invited to the Club Swan Reception in Amsterdam in March for the price-giving. For more information, please click on the link as follows:

Ros + Valerio Bardi


A representative from Nautor’s Swan told one of our members: “They are finally thinking of producing again smaller size yacht and they are studying a 46 or similar. They recognized that they are loosing the core of their old swan’ s owners” – FINALLY

Andre Nelis, helmsman on Twilight (Swan46) in 2008, passed away December 8th.

Andre enjoyed a very successful career in dinghy sailing and was twice world champion in the Finn class in 1956 and 1961. In the Melbourne (1956) and Rome (1960) Olympic games, Andre won respectively a silver and bronze medal. Tokyo were the last Olympic games in which he participated and ended 10th. After having sailed the Flying Dutchman and Soling, Andre moved on to keel boats. In 1967, he won the Quarter Cup and won numerous ocean races and national championships. In 1973, Andre became the founder of the 1st North Sails loft in Europe but this did not stop him to helm on board of friends and customers boats. Andre helmed Twilight with great success in the 2008 Swan Cup. We will always remember Andre as an outstanding sailor and good friend.

Michael Huyghe

Rolex Middle Sea Race 2012:

Foreign Affair just completed the Rolex Middle Sea Race, RORC Cat 2.

Double handed class, very mixed conditions. All boats took 50% to 100% longer to complete the course than planned. Many fully crewed boats were rationing supplies. There was a latest finish time of 6 days a 21 hours, and only 3 boats from the double handed class crossed the line in time. Foreign Affair was running 3rd in class on handicap, but was 4 minutes late over the line and qualified DNF.

Great event, very friendly wonderful scenery.

Rolex Swan Cup 2012:

Twilight came back very disappointed from the Swan Cup as Class racing was messed up by Swan’s 42 and Swan’s 45 racing in our Class.

Technical Advisor: Lars Ström has agreed to become our technical advisor.

Lars is retired now after 32 years with Nautor, so he brings a wealth of experience, but he
wants to emphasise that his advice and views do not Represent Nautor’s Swan.

NEWSFLASH: Germán Frers has agreed to become Honorary Chairman of

In the 80’s, Nautor’s Swan entered a new era with the appointment of German Frers as
designer, who has since been responsible for the design of all Swan yachts, maintaining in
their design that vital balance of competent racers, comfort and beauty. Over 700 yachts
have been produced on the design of Frers, including his first Swan, the “Swan 51” in 1981,
which was then followed by great successes, such as the: “Swan 46 I and II” between 1983
and 1997; the “Swan 53” in 1986; the “new Swan 44” in 1985; the “new Swan 36” in 1988;
the “new Swan 48” in 1995; to end up with the current active models presented in this
catalogue, including the “Maxi Swan” line with the “Swan 60”, “Swan 75”, “Swan 82”, “Swan
90” , “Swan 100” and the two new projects, “Swan 110” and “Swan 130″.