Mediterranean Cruising

Posted 24/02/2014:
I am a member of the Royal Thames Yacht Club, who plan a cruise in company in the Mediterranean every other year.
I will participate in a short part this year, but its very well researched and based on lots of experience. The organisers gave me permission to publish it on our website with the following message:
“I would be happy to discuss any aspects with …

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Cruise to the Med

Posted 24/02/2014:
I have lived/sailed the Med now for 32 years, when I got the time off work 🙂
I have some favourite places:
The West Coast of Corsica is my favourite sailing area in the whole world. It has everything EXCEPT too many boats (That’s because there are not many marinas). In the North it is steep too and mountainous. Coming south around Saint Florent it has …

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Mexico – Risk of impoundment for older yachts

Posted 28/01/2014:
I thought I would take this opportunity to bring a disturbing situation to everyone’s attention. I am in San Diego with Cygnet at the moment having abandoned a plan to visit Ensenada, Mexico, and the Baja. The Mexican authorities (federal tax department?) are impounding boats that cannot produce a “proper”  permit (value ~ 60 USD) for visiting Mexico. One of the problems appears to …

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