Who we are
We are a group of Swan 46 (1983-1997) owners and we want to share the knowledge of these magnificent and very strongly built boats with other people.” is a non profit, stand-alone organization. To be become an Association Member you have to be a Swan 46 (1983-1997) Swan owner.
If you are, please join us.
We are going to put on our web site all the material we are able to get from other Swan owners or lovers (Articles, Stories, Experiences, Photographs, Plans etc.), so, if you have something which you did not find on our pages, please, do not hesitate and send it to us, we need it!

” I actually looked at the 46 site before purchasing the boat as when surveyed the boat had corrosion on the keel grid and I read how some 46’s had replaced their grid. I ended up doing the same after I bought the boat – I enlisted Lars’ help – work was done at a Brewer’s yard in Connecticut. Had I not seen the info on the site I may have not purchased the boat! “ – anonymously

Honorary Chairman:
Germán Frers

Steering Committee:
Michael Huyghe

Paul Basson

Technical Advisor:
Sixten Sandstrom