Swier Hull 58 – Stoppers and jammers

15 March 2018

Stoppers/ Jammers

In order to operate the different control lines in good manor I want to add LEWMAR jammers for the reefing lines and the staysail halyard aheads of the port rearmost winch on the cabin. According to the deck laminat drawing RITN NR 021-0109 M has the reinforcement type 4x450M +2x500WR. Is this sufficient to attach the jammers for these two control lines to ?

Also I want to add LEWMAR jammers ahead of the two mainsheet winches in order to clear them on one side if required to put the Reckmann control line around. The reinforcement given in this area is stated to be type 5x450M+3x770UDR. Can these jammers be attached here ?