Swier – AWL Grip colours

13 March 2013

Dear Sven, you refer to the inside of the hull, and this was originally painted with brown topcoat. Assuming that the white Awlgrip used here inside was the same as on the outside, the Awlgrip recipe corresponding to the original topside gelcoat is a mixture of equal parts Off White and Snow White. The blue could be Marlin, Empress, or Lauderdale Blue. Suggest you get an Awlgrip color chart and compare. Kind regards, Lars

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We have opted for GRP holding tanks similar to your solution which seem to be able to be better fitted into the given space While discussing the work we also found that there were some places where we need to repaint some corners and edges with AWL Grip. The whole hull and the topsides were done in the end of 2009 before I bought her but there are some areas around panels and near the floor that we will redo. What I have not found in my documents are the AWL grip paint codes for the white and light blue colour that should be used. Do you have these within the S46 organization so that I can source the right colours ? Thanks, Sven – Swier