Swan 46 MKI SWIER Hull Number 58

11 January 2012

The owner of SWIER wants to restore some details back to the original design and has the following questions, can anyone help?

1. Sprayhood

One of the issues that I found was that the sprayhood is now on the rear companionway and the front has a small dodger, causing the whole working area of mainsheet, traveller and spinnaker whinches to be blocked when erected.

On the drawing TITN NR. 0-20-202 / deck optional equipment there is a large sprayhood for the front companionway shown as optional equipment. It runs around the two dorades and leaves the whinch areas free for operation (see attachment).



Could you be so kind and check if there is a specification and detailed drawing on this large front sprayhood that I could use to have this fabricated according to the original ?

I would then want to have a small dodger made for the rear entrance. Is there a specification / drawing on this part that I can use to have an original part remade ?


2. Stoppers/ Jammers

In order to operate the different control lines in good manor I want to add LEWMAR jammers for the reefing lines and the staysail halyard aheads of the port rearmost winch on the cabin. According to the deck laminat drawing RITN NR 021-0109 M has the reinforcement type 4x450M +2x500WR. Is this sufficient to attach the jammers for these two control lines to ?

Also I want to add LEWMAR jammers ahead of the two mainsheet winches in order to clear them on one side if required to put the Reckmann control line around. The reinforcement given in this area is stated to be type 5x450M+3x770UDR. Can these jammers be attached here ?


3. Running backstays

The running backstays have been replaced with dyneema grade. As the previous owner never used them and the sail plan does not show the required blocks and line arrangement for this function could you be so kind and check how these where originally intended to be used and tensioned.