Mains power hot water

11 February 2014

12/02/2014 Lars: Referring to the heater voltage, the AC on board system can be set up for either 220 or 110 V, and the outlet voltage on board tells which one it is. The heater should use the same voltage as the outlets. Pls check. If there are shore inlets for both 220 and 110 V there is a transformer for one of them so the original outlet voltage is available on board.

11/02/2014 – Katface: Was just reading the maintance section of the website and was surprised that Lars guessed that Bandit has a 22l isotemp heater. My water heater quit working electrically as well. It was a 15l Haato unit. When I pulled it out it was very corroded and the element had rusted through after 25 years. Note that Katface has the centerline queen bunk aft and the heater barely fit under the bunk at 11 inches in diameter. I am replacing it with a Quick 15l unit. I believe I have moved the mounts enough so that the extra inch in diameter is OK. Note that this unit is shorter by a couple of inches as well so it fits better between the cockpit stair brackets. One complication I did not spot. I ordered a 110V unit because I have a 110V boat (US has to be different). From the Swan drawings it looks like the Haato runs off a 220V transformer. I need to go back and figure this out before plumbing it in just in case I need to change elements. I am off to measure the voltage and search for the transformer.

01/01/14 – Lars: Suggest you look near the electrical connections on the heater. There may be a cover over them.

01/01/14 – Bandit: I’m not at the boat right now but do you recall where the fuse is located? Probably pushing the memory limits here since you have seen 1000’s of Nautor installations–but just maybe.

01/01/14 – Lars: The hot water tank is likely to be an Isotemp 22 litre, and it is suggested you go to their website and then to “Identify your system”. Have you checked the fuse, and the overheating protection? They may also cut off the power.

29/12/13 – Foreign Affair: You can replace the immersion heater if that’s the problem.

29/12/13 – Bandit: My hot water tank does not work on shore power but remains OK from engine. Is there a replacement coil? Where would I purchase a new tank which will fit?