Corroded Mast Step

25 January 2016

Posted 24/1/16 by Lars Ström:

It is likely that there is severe corrosion on the mast step if you decided to replace it. Otherwise it might have been of interest to determine the remaining steel thicknesses in the critical areas.

You mention stainless steel for the replacement, assume AISI 316L is in question. It should be noted that this material has much lower strength than the original steel, and warps much when welded. 

The recommendation would be to use SAF 2205, this is also a stainless steel, stronger than the original and easier to weld. The thickness can be reduced to 80% of the original.

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Posted 24/1/16 by Dean Mortimer/Tramontana 

This resulted in salt water sitting in the bilge which has had a serious affect on the step.  I am aware from the website that mast steps have been removed and replaced and once the work has been completed the yacht is fully serviceable and safe.  I have opted to have the step re manufactured in stainless steel.