Backstay tension tall rig (19.2m)

24 September 2020

Hi Michiel, Thanks for your post, this is a new function and we have not quite get on top of it. I will try to get some professional feedback for you, but for your info, I have had my boat from new for 25 years. When cruising I generally do not take the tension up above 2.5, yet when racing with the North Sails guys on board that took it to 3.5, no problem I hope this helps Paul


Hi fellow Swan46 owners. It’s great to join this community. Have not seen a lot of activity recently so happy to get some traffic.

This is a question with regards to the backstay tension for the long mast version (19.2m). Trying to understand what the maximum recommended tension is. All input welcome.

Also happy to buy sails.

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