Anne Mari

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  • Owner: Rune Skavlem
  • Country: Thailand
  • Email: n/a
  • Telephone: n/a
  • Boat Lying: Norway
  • Year of Manufacture: 1988


Anne Mari – Gallery


Posted 24/02/2015 by Rune:

I just bought the boat and previous owner  Svenning Torp and Tore Bjorn-Hansen owned her appr. 10 years.  They sailed to to the Antarctic Peninsula and back. This trip was going  from Oslo via the Caledonian Canal, the Irish Sea, Portugal, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Salvador-Brasil, Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula. I like to send you some Picture regarding this trip for “Anne Mari – Gallery”. The season in Norway starts in medio April and I’m looking forward to work with her. I previous boat was a Swan 44 from 1973 in good condition.

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Anne Mari is a Swan 46 MKI. Anne Mari was built for Erling Estrup’s (owner of Dioscura hull number 100) grandmother’s brother Finn Engelsen in 1988. He was a Spitfire pilot from WW2, second in command of one of the Norwegian squadrons and later ran a successful shipbroking business in Bergen, Norway. Erling remembers picking up Anne Mari in Finland brand new in 1988. She replaced the Ron Holland 441 which was horribly unbalanced to sail and they decided was up for retirement when her mast broke in a gale mid-North Sea. Finn’s attention to detail came through with a holdingtank that had been altered to winecellar, a room for storing live lobsters under deck and central heating by coils for the demanding Norwegian climate. In the spring they sailed her into the fjords and skied the glaciers. Every summer Finn sailed her up to midnight sun in Lofoten and Vesteraalen while we flew up to crew on various legs. In 1995 we took her to Spitzbergen to encounter the rim of permanent ice around 81 degrees North.
It was geared for single handed sailing. Erling’s granduncle Finn and his wife Petra sailed her alone well into their eighties but sold her 4-5 years ago when he lost his eye sight. He died in January 2011.
We believe that the new owners took her to Antarctica this summer. So this 46 has been as close to both South and North Pole as you can get by boat!